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Program Eligibility

Any continuing Harvard College undergraduate student in good standing who is participating in a research activity during the summer months in the natural, physical, engineering, or applied sciences with a Harvard Faculty member in relevant academic departments and research centers in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, as well as program directors and principal investigators in the Harvard Medical School, the School of Public Health, affiliated local research institutes and hospitals, and other academic and administrative units throughout the University, may apply to PRISE.

Since the primary purpose of the Program is to build and foster a strong and diverse community of science scholars, a successful application will demonstrate the following:

  • A strong dedication to developing or furthering academic interest and excellence in scientific research;
  • A documented and verified opportunity to participate in a laboratory or other active research experience that fulfills a compelling and specific academic goal over the summer (confirmation may be submitted after the deadline);
  • The ability and desire to participate actively and enthusiastically in a diverse residential community of scholars;
  • An academic record demonstrating success in coursework that develops theoretical knowledge and/or practical application of scientific principles (in course labs);
  • A commitment to participate and contribute for the full ten weeks of the Program. Individuals taking summer school courses, preparing for the summer MCAT exam, or engaging in full-time public service projects are not eligible to participate in PRISE.

Evaluation of the applicant will be based on how well and how effectively the components of the application define and address these qualities and requirements.